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Gerhard und Margarete Hoehme-Stiftung
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Board of the Gerhard und Margarete Hoehme-Stiftung

Hans-Heinrich Grosse-Brockhoff (Chairman), Hans-Georg Lohe, Lothar Pues,  Dr. Susanne Rennert, Beat Wismer, Nadja Zieren
Tax Number: 103/5923/0222
Foundation register No. 21.13.-St. 756  


Neil Holt in cooperation with Susanne Rennert and Johannes Hasselmann

Design and realization

Neil Holt, Cologne
David Hartgenbusch, Cologne


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All of the original works, photographs and documents presented on this website can be found in the collection of the Gerhard und Margarete Hoehme-Stiftung.

Photo credits for the depicted works by Gerhard Hoehme
Olaf Bergmann (fig. 1 and 3)
Linda Inconi-Jansen (fig. 2)
Achim Kukulies (fig. 4-8)

© for the works of art by Gerhard Hoehme: VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2016
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